‘I Just Love Working Here!’

APHW Employee - 'I just love working here!'Finding work is rarely an easy process, let alone in a place you love. Lakeia spent four years commuting to an out-of-town job when the winter drive became too much—it was time to find something local.

“I met Susan Town-Richards at one of the Commonwealth Building job fairs,” Lakeia said, describing the HR representative for America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) who was recruiting customer service representatives for their corporate headquarters in Jackson, Michigan. She really liked what Susan had said was going on with the company in regard to growth and promotion potential, “So, I filled out an application and turned it in before I left, and I got an interview immediately.”

The interview process included more insight into the company from the Call Center Operations Manager, as well as a side-by-side ‘Day in the Life’ on the call center floor. “It was very informative, and I liked the environment,” Lakeia said, describing the family-style atmosphere. “It was very friendly.”

Lakeia accepted a job offer to start in customer service and started training with a class of her peers. “It was a lot of material, but Beth was very informative,” she said, describing the instructor. “I felt like I could go to her for anything.”

Soon she was out on the floor and quickly gaining the notice of management. “I’ve never been in a job where I’m literally in the same room as a VP on a daily basis,” Lakeia said. “They have an open-door policy where you can just go up and ask questions. They’re very helpful and it’s just a great feeling that you can go to them without any problem. It’s just very open!”

Lakeia was already applying for a supervisory position a few months later. “I was ready to take on any task that was put in front of me,” she said. While another peer received that position, her interview had impressed Vice President of Operations Mike Sadler. “Mike actually came over to my desk and told me he wanted me to apply for Customer Care, that I would be great in the position,” Lakeia said.

One application and another interview later, and Lakeia found herself promoted to the Customer Care department only eight months after her initial hire. “I love the atmosphere in here!” she enthused. “We all blend very well, and it feels like we’re going above and beyond to help homeowners.”

Lakeia believes her hard work got her noticed, as well as her dedication and responsibility, and putting her name out there. “In a typical job setting I would just sit back and observe and not put myself out there,” she said. “But when you start applying for things around here, they notice.”

For more information about job opportunities at APHW, search for America’s Preferred Home Warranty on Indeed.com, or contact Susan Town-Richards at stownrich@aphw.com or call 800.648.5006 ext. 232.

“You should definitely apply here,” Lakeia said. “You come in every day to a positive, family oriented, and welcoming environment, and it’s easy to progress. I just love working here!”