‘Sales’ Is Changing with COVID-19

America's Preferred Home Warranty, Sales, Salespeople Finding New Tactics in COVID-19

Once upon a time, salespeople walked door-to-door. Then came phones and the internet, which were handy—but salespeople never lost their love of a handshake and an in-person pitch. So when COVID-19 made door-to-door a no-go (even temporarily), Warren Wright felt nervous about his future in sales. “Everybody’s afraid of change,” said the America’s Preferred Home […]

Opportunities to Rise

America's Preferred Home Warranty Job Opportunities, Employee of the Month

Advancement opportunities aren’t typically a high hope during a customer service interview. When William found an opening at America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) in September 2018, he honestly figured, “it was just another customer service job.” But he’d worked his way up once before: “And I knew I could do it again.” Now William is […]

APHW is Different, Inside & Out

Brad Gehring - APHW is Different

Brad Gehring had to hesitate, a few years back, when a member of the home warranty industry asked him to join their team—he’d had some unfortunate experiences in the past. His stance with them today, however, sends a pretty clear message: America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) is different. “I had been out of the home […]

Love Real Estate, But Not Selling Homes?

APHW Area Sales Manager Steve Charles Testimonial

  I love the real estate industry, but I’m really more wired for B2B sales. Being an America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) Area Sales Manager (ASM) became the perfect mix of both. As APHW has grown from a regional to a national company, so has the opportunity for advancement. In just four years, my territory […]

When a Whirl is Worth It

Employee of the Month: Karen

“I thought I would give it a whirl.” That was how Karen viewed the customer service position at America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) when they hired her nearly five years ago. It was understandable, given that she had just left a similar position in a toxic environment. “I was just looking for a way out […]

‘APHW Has Changed My Life’

APHW Changed My Life

Being recognized for hard work is always an amazing feeling—it pulls everything into perspective and shows that your efforts are appreciated. Especially amazing is when your employer goes even further to ensure you know that gratitude is genuine. This was the case when America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) played a recording of Matt McQuerry’s family […]

It’s Just Who We Are

APHW Team Player of the Year

It’s a rare thing to feel like you’re on the right path. Andrew Mertz has felt this every day since becoming an Area Sales Manager (ASM) for America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW), in helping other new and upcoming ASMs to succeed—yet he was surprised when they rewarded him for it. “It was surreal,” Andrew said […]

The Right People Are the Key to Growth

Brendan Morgan

Would you stick with one company for a decade or more? These days, it’s far more likely to last a year or two and then find something new. So why is Brendan Morgan closing in on ten years with America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW)? “We just have good people,” he says. Brendan’s title at APHW […]

‘It Boils Down to Loving What You Do’

It Boils Down to Loving What You Do

Ted Fithian is in sales, and he’s good at it. He was recently awarded 2018 Salesperson of the Year with the highest year-over-year growth and overall territory development of his colleagues. “I was surprised and extremely honored. I knew I had a fairly good year, but I didn’t realize it was quite that good,” said […]

2-Time Position Pioneer Still Sees Room to Grow

Frank Vetter

You know a company is doing well when its staff nearly doubles inside of a year. Not only did America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) achieve this with 75 new employees in 2018, but they also added 13 brand new job titles to keep up with that growth. One of those titles went to Frank Vetter: […]