Retiree Finds New Beginning at APHW

Sharon - Customer Care Supervisor

Forty-two years in the banking industry had been enough for Sharon, but she couldn’t just stay at home—she needed something to do. “I was just looking for something different,” she said. Then America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) hired her to manage their call center in August of 2012. “They were still very small at that […]

Short-Term to Long: Why She’s Choosing to Stay

Annetta - Employee of the Month

When you’re a single mother of three pursuing a degree, you do what’s necessary to get by. Sometimes that means applying for a job with an unpopular reputation, like customer service at a call center. “It was never my intention to stay,” Annetta said, assuming it would be something she’d just have to ‘survive’—but then […]

One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

It all started when he was walking down the street—literally. LaMont Williams would frequently pass by the home of Mike Sadler on his walks, and one day they struck up a conversation. Eventually it led to career talk, at which point LaMont expressed an interest in working for America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW), where Mike […]

From Recruited to Recruiting: An Employee’s Point of View

Lynette was working at a call center in Jackson, Michigan, when a friend of hers, Pam, told her about an opportunity at America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW). Pam had come to APHW from the same place, and told Lynette how much better the work environment was. “She said it was a great place to work […]

Getting Back Home: A Green Card Catastrophe

Rosa was feeling homesick. “She hadn’t seen her family in over a year,” said her husband Mike, a U.S. Navy Veteran who had met her while serving in Italy. “And Italians are very family-oriented.” When he suddenly found himself without a job, the financial difficulties compounded Rosa’s depression. Her uncle was able to help—he bought […]

17-Year Customer Service Veteran Employs Skills at APHW

Rusty Reynolds was frustrated. He’d spent 17 years working for a company that seemed to have stopped caring about its employees, and he was ready to move on. Month after month he’d applied to different jobs, even getting the occasional interview, but nothing panned out—until his wife overheard news of a job fair at Jackson […]

New CSR Amazed at Opportunities at APHW

When you’re unhappy in your work environment, the days drag on. Taking the chance on something new and unknown can be a risky move—and it’s one that Customer Service Representative (CSR) Patrick is happy he took with America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW)! “From [APHW’s President] Randy Caltrider on down, I’ve just been really impressed with […]

APHW’s 2017 CSR of the Year Surprised, Pleased

Customer Service Representative (CSR) Wenche (pronounced VEN-ka), originally from Norway, has found a calling (no pun intended) with America’s Preferred Home Warranty in Jackson, MI. With a little over a year at APHW’s Call Center, Wenche’s comfort level has grown quite a bit from her first days on the job. So much so, in fact, […]