From Newbie to Employee of the Month—in a Year!

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When America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) opened a second location, Ashley found herself in their first DeWitt, Michigan customer service training class. One year later she still loves her job, and it shows: APHW designated her the March 2020 Employee of the Month. As a quiet and somewhat shy individual, Ashley was surprised by the […]

Work Environment Matters!

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It’s easy to forget what normal problems look like these days. One year ago, Sarah had a serious one: She’d just left a horrible work environment—with no safety net. “I applied for a bunch of jobs, and one job actually called me for a 2-phase interview process,” Sarah said. “I’d just finished the first phase […]

Never the Same Day Twice

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It’s easy to assume that working in a customer care department—where escalated calls go—would be a headache at best. It’s actually quite the opposite. “Our job is to listen, to understand their perspective, and to try to help,” said Customer Care Supervisor Sharon. “And it feels really good when you can.” That continuous attitude earned […]

So Much More Than a ‘Call Center’ Job

Employee Testimonial: CSR Shawna

What’s your impression of working in a call center? Does it make you think of family? Warmth? People wanting you to grow and excel? No? Funny, that’s how America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) Customer Service Representatives (CSR) see it. Seriously! “I’m not sure what I expected, but it certainly wasn’t anything like what I’ve come […]

My First Job in America, And My Last

Norwegian Finds Lifetime Employment at APHW

Norwegian-born Wenche (pronounced VEN-ka) joined her husband in the states in 2016. America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) took a chance and hired her two months later, and she has since achieved Customer Service Representative (CSR) of the Year and a promotion to Customer Service Supervisor. We’d say she was a chance worth taking! “It was […]

“I Couldn’t Be Anywhere Better”

CSR Finds New Life at APHW

Jackie got laid off in October 2018. She’d hated her job, but thought the constant stress and anxiety were worth the income. “I felt like I could never do a good enough job, and they didn’t care about you or what was going on at home—you were just another employee,” she said. “I knew I […]

Opportunities Available If You Try

Opportunities At APHW

Wouldn’t it be nice if good customer service could actually lead somewhere, maybe to a real career? But that’s just a dream… except it isn’t. Alan is living proof, having jumped from Customer Service Supervisor to Operations Manager when America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) expanded into an additional building. Objective & Fair “I applied because […]

Don’t Miss Out Because of Fear

Shows Customer Service Representative Jolynn, APHW's October Employee of the Month

Call center jobs are intimidating. It’s easy to focus on one or two scary aspects and believe it’s something you could never do; but you’d be denying yourself the sincere joy that can come with it. Nervous? That’s Normal Jolynn started out just as nervous as anyone else about being on the phones. “It is […]

Where Language Isn’t a Barrier, But a Doorway

Speaking Spanish Boosts Bilingual Employee at APHW

Many bilingual employees face a frustrating career obstacle: They can’t advance because management ‘needs’ them where they’re at. Matias wanted better opportunities than his former employer was offering, so he gave America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) a try. “My biggest fear was that I would get stuck again, because I spoke another language,” Matias said. […]

What They Say… It’s True!

It Really Is A Family Atmosphere

You hear it all the time—this business is family oriented, everyone knows everyone, great work environment, etc. You hear it enough (and experience enough of the opposite) to believe it’s just the standard, disingenuous fluff every company says to new recruits. You might even believe America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) is like that, too… until […]