‘Choose Your Own’ a Lifesaver in An Emergency

Choose Your Own Contractor a LifesaverHave you noticed your morning air is a bit more brisk lately? It’s a relief after the summer heat for sure, but it heralds cooling temperatures and—don’t say it!—winter. No!

Well, might as well accept it and make sure the furnace is in good shape now. You don’t want to find out there’s a problem after the real cold hits… that’s how RE/MAX Cornerstone REALTOR® Michael Brown of Westland, Michigan, lost a deal at closing.

“I had a deal about three years back where the summer had been extremely hot. We were closing soon near Trenton, and a city inspection found that the furnace had high levels of CO2, which is something you can’t repair—you have to replace it,” Michael said. “Most of the HVAC people we called were several weeks out. We couldn’t get anyone to come out because of the heat wave, so the deal went south.”

That’s why Michael has ensured every sale since has included a home warranty. “From that point on I told myself any and every listing I have will include an America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW), even if I have to pay for it myself,” he said. “The fact that you can choose your own contractor is very important—a lot of other home warranty companies dictate who you can call, and they may not be available. So it’s very important that a buyer can choose their own.”

Michael has an APHW home warranty on his own property as well, which he has put to good use. “Last winter the furnace went out and it was below zero. I was able to contact an HVAC guy and get it remedied,” he said. “They fixed the blower motor and it continued to work, and then two weeks later the heater core went out.”

APHW not only fixed the first issue but helped to replace the entire furnace just two weeks later, according to Michael. “That saved me a lot of heartache,” he said.

Now Michael says APHW is his preferred warranty company. “America’s Preferred is tried and true,” he said. “And I know they will take care of me and my clients!”

For more information about America’s Preferred Home Warranty, please visit APHW.com or call 1.800.648.5006. Our customer service representatives are available and ready to help 24/7/365.