A Quick Point Goes a Long Way

Contractor Surprised APHW Can Pay ImmediatelyContractors tend to avoid home warranty companies; some have a reputation for being difficult to work with. “Honestly the last few times I’ve had to go find contractors that I know and trust, the first thing out of their mouths is, ‘We don’t work with home warranty companies,’” said Arkansas resident Terry Ford. So why would we bring this up? Isn’t this a negative? Because, as with any group bias, it doesn’t apply to all of them—at least Terry certainly thought so.

Contractors Are Amazed

He had heard stories of how some warranty companies could make getting paid a headache for contractors; but Terry knew America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) was different. “I had previous experience with APHW, so when my microwave went out, I called my contractor,” he said.

They had worked together before, and at first the contractor didn’t want to work through another home warranty—until Terry explained APHW’s payment options. “I told him APHW could pay him right away with a credit card over the phone. He was shocked; he could hardly believe it!” Terry said. “And other contractors I’ve talked to have been equally amazed.”

Caring Customer Service Too

Before the original home warranty on his home expired, Terry had called around for other options. “I didn’t feel comfortable with what I kept hearing on the phone, though… like they just didn’t really care,” Terry said. “Then I called APHW.

“Let me tell you: With other companies I’ve dealt with, you can never get through. The phone would just ring and ring, and then you’d be on hold with automation for 30 to 40 minutes. But a real person picked up within the first couple of rings at APHW, and we had a really comfortable conversation,” Terry said. “I didn’t feel rushed into making any decisions at all. It just kind of clicked, and I knew APHW was the right company to go with.”

Terry says his experiences have only reassured his decision to go with APHW. “They are second to none!” he said.