Two Days? Nope. They Needed Help NOW.

Choose Your Own Contractor Averted A Disaster

Sewer backup: It’s the kind of thing that you can smell just by thinking about it, never mind having to deal with it INSIDE your actual home. That’s what happened to Lincoln, Nebraska homeowner Randy Riddick—but we’ll let him tell you about it. “We purchased the home and moved in, and we were only here […]

A Different Point of View

APHW Customer Review: A Different Point of View

At 7 p.m. on a Friday night, Dmitri Anaya quickly got America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) on the phone and filed a claim for a toilet leak in his Newport, Minnesota home. APHW approved, he paid his deductible, and the plumber fixed the leak. This has been ‘Another Claim Story.’ The end. Okay, obviously there’s […]

Peace of Mind AND a ‘Piece of Cake!’

Filing a Claim Is a Piece of Cake with APHW

Claudine Steinfurth had a pipe leak in her Silver Lake, Ohio home. She had it patched the first time, but when it happened again over a year later, she wanted to get it fixed for good. “I had enough with putting a band-aid on it,” Claudine said. “So I set up a new claim.” The […]

Wish We Could Give More Than 5 Stars

More than 5 Stars Review

Barry & Nancy Cole were apprehensive about buying their Fenton, Michigan condo early last year. “It was built in 2003, so all of the appliances were at an age when things could start to fail,” Barry said. Their real estate agent helped get an America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) contract with the deal, and it […]

APHW Saves Homeowner from ‘Lemon Nightmare’

APHW Saves Homeowner from Lemon Nightmare

When Erica McMichael invested in a 1920s home, it seemed to be in relatively good condition. “It just had old carpeting and needed a little remodeling,” she said. “Everything looked great on it.” So, she began to update the building—and that’s when the problems started. “It’s just been one thing after another,” Erica said, the […]

Customer Receives Same-Day Claim Service

Same Day Service

When water is leaking inside your home, speed is of the essence. Tom Donnelly was indeed quick about contacting America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) and a plumber he trusted, to great effect: His claim, the payment, and his repair were all completed in the same day! “Before I knew it, it was taken care of,” […]

No Home Warranty? No Sale.

Would you buy a home if it didn’t include a home warranty? Some might, but Jon Hoerauf wouldn’t. “I’ve told people I wouldn’t buy a home unless they included a home warranty,” he said. “Because you just never know.” Jon discovered his current home warranty company, America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW), when he sold his […]

Service and Simplicity Attract Contractor to APHW

It’s one thing when a contractor is willing to work through a home warranty. It’s quite another when that contractor has literally worked on the warranty’s headquarter building! It speaks volumes to the amount of trust and respect they have for each other, and Rooney’s Sewer Service out of Jackson, Michigan, had plenty to say […]

It Came with the House—Will It Actually Help?

A leak is bad enough when it’s close to the floor, but Portsmouth, Ohio native Paula Cooney’s leak was much higher. “We noticed the water,” Paula remembered, adding that they discovered its source was the plumbing over the upstairs bathroom ceiling in her home. It needed to be fixed in a hurry, and thankfully, Paula […]

Choice Is Where It’s At

When you think about real estate agents, you tend to think of them as business entities, far above and beyond simple things like a leaky pipe. But Cardinal Realty Group LLC Realtor Janie Baylis out of Prattville, Alabama, would disagree—she’s had several household leaks, and several experiences in dealing with them for the better… or […]