A Trusted Friend for Repairs

A Trusted Friend for Repairs

Having friends is awesome. Having friends in the HVAC business when your furnace goes out—Even better. But having a home warranty willing to work with that friend? Now that’s priceless. Adam Hiatt had just such a situation in his Pendleton, Indiana home. “I had the blower pump motor go out on my furnace, so I […]

Polar Vortex Help in a Hurry

Polar Vortex Help In A Hurry

Furnace trouble is never welcome, but it’s especially scary when a Polar Vortex is repeatedly shattering cold temperature records. So, of course, that’s when Jorey Scrivens’ furnace stopped working. “We were at negative 45 degrees,” said the Westland, Michigan native. He needed help, and fast. Jorey’s home had an America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) on […]

Coverage as Advertised

Coverage As Advertised

The high temperature reached 91 degrees on the Sunday John Eblen called to file a claim on his upstairs air conditioner, which had gone out in a literal puff of smoke. America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) answered the call of the Charlestown, Indiana native. “The claim process worked exactly like it was supposed to,” John […]

Contractor Payments Quick & Easy

Contractor Payments Quick and Easy

A hot summer in Greenville, North Carolina is difficult enough without having to deal with central air breaking down. Adrina Moore experienced this unfortunate event, but she thankfully had an America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) ready and waiting, in case it did. The first-time homebuyer had never used her home warranty before, so she was […]

She Knows How Simple It Is

When a real estate agent suggests adding a home warranty at closing, there are few things more comforting than knowing they use that same service for their own home. This is the case of Agent Cindy Horsley of the Bush Real Estate Group in Newnan, Georgia, who has strong opinions of which home warranty company she’ll recommend…

Coverage That Fits the Bill

Deciding to renew a service contract can be difficult, especially when it’s based on what ‘could’ happen. For Jody Penton out of Jackson, Mississippi, however, the decision came easily…

Customer Changes Cautious Contractor’s Mind

In a Google review of America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW), Steve Sedahl out of Apex, North Carolina, wrote, “The best reviews come from the contractors I’ve hired to do repairs.” We were inspired to do some digging to find out what he meant. Steve has made several claims with APHW, each of which was a […]

Everyone Said It Was A Bad Idea

“Everyone, from our parents to the technician, said they hate working with home warranty people,” said Kaitlyn Hall of Greenville, North Carolina. “So many people told us, ‘Good luck,’ that it always takes forever, it’s a horrible experience, and they never do what they say.” But as first-time home buyers, Kaitlyn and her husband elected […]

As ‘Luck’ Would Have It

When you buy a home, it comes with more than X-bedrooms and X.5 bathrooms—there’s a collection of appliances and home systems, too. Kathy Kincaid’s real estate agent suggested they add an America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) to their purchase in Fort Wayne, Indiana, just in case. “A few of the appliances were original to the […]

Horror Stories Undone: A Warranty’d Welcome

Celeste Lozier of Farmington Hills, Michigan, was expecting the worst possible news when she picked up the phone to make her first warranty claim.  She had become a first-time homeowner only six months earlier. In the dead of the following winter her boiler had malfunctioned, and they lost heat to half the house. “It was […]