FREEZE! Or Better Yet, Keep Your Ice Machine Working

Ice Machine MaintenanceAh, ice. If you’re lucky, you no longer have to fill trays with water, carry them to the freezer (without spilling any), and wait for them to harden. No, you have a built-in icemaker, working day and night to make sure your drinks are always cold and refreshing. Wouldn’t it be terrible if it… stopped?

Save yourself from reverting to the ice cube tray any sooner than necessary. Check out 5 Things to Know About Cleaning Your Freezer’s Built-In Ice Maker* for a safe and sanitary cleaning regimen you can perform on occasion. You may also find this article useful if your ice is starting to taste funny, or has small particles showing up in it. What’s a few minutes of cleaning on occasion to keep your ice… well, like ice? Freeze on!

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