Don’t ‘FALL’ for it! Maintain Your Home

Fall Home MaintenancePUMPKIN SPICE! Okay, seriously though, focus: You have a (PUMPKIN SPICE) home to maintain and colder weather on the (PUMPKIN SPICE) way, so it’s really time to take a look around your home and… (PuMpKiN sPiCe) …erm…

AHEM. While this season does offer MANY distractions, now is the best time to maintain your home so you can sit back and enjoy the cooler weather without worrying about the actual COLD weather ahead. Check out this Fall Home Maintenance Checklist* offering a useful lineup of tasks, many of which you might not even think about on a regular basis. Out of sight could lead to out of pocket if you let things go too long, so let’s get to it.

We can reward ourselves with pumpkin spice afterward, I promise.

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