We’re Not Shocked: Electricians Rock!

America's Preferred Home Warranty, We’re Not Shocked: Electricians Rock!

Electricity defines the way we live now more than ever. We need it for most forms of entertainment, and even travel. It powers our appliances, our lights, our home systems, our water heaters (and our running water for that matter). It lets us stay up late at night without burning down the house… or does […]

National Nonprofit Day: Not Just Another Holiday

America's Preferred Home Warranty Celebrates National Nonprofit Day

It’s National Nonprofit Day! What? What do you mean, ‘boring?’ Guess it’s time to break out the education materials! Hey… hey! Stop running away! Okay, okay, so it’s not your typical, everyday conversation material. But it’s important, even if for no other reason than it gets us thinking about how much good nonprofits do, every […]