Balancing Your Budget? Go Month-to-Month

Month-to-Month Home WarrantyIf you’ve ever had to use a home warranty, you probably get why it’s convenient to have one—help with unexpected expenses is handy. But who has the extra few hundred dollars lying around for another year of coverage? Ah, but did you know America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) also offers a monthly option for new consumers and returning customers?

“We understand that people don’t usually have a big sum of money up front, and other bills to pay besides, but would like the security of coverage,” said Bill Bear, Vice President of Consumer Marketing & Business Insights for APHW. “We offer monthly plans to provide an affordable option to our customers and make it easier to budget.”

There’s also no need for concern about paying more for the convenience. “There are no additional fees for the monthly plans,” Bill said. “It’s the same price as our annual coverage packages, just broken up into monthly payments—and you can cancel at any time.”

Consumer Sales Representative Jared Sexton reaches out to existing customers nearing the end of their contracts, to ensure they know about these options. “A lot of times they’ll actually have issues we could cover and might have forgotten they had the warranty from when they bought their home,” Jared said. “We get them over to customer service to get things taken care of, and it really helps a lot of people out!”

The majority of renewal warranties for APHW are on a month-to-month basis, according to Bill. “It’s very popular!” he said.

For more information about our consumer home warranty or our payment options, call 1.855.519.1495 or email Our consumer sales representatives are available and glad to help.